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Why ASK?
Improve Customer Care and Satisfaction with Our Technology & Proven Techniques

Professional Customer Contact Center in Montgomery, AL

ASK was founded and is still located in Montgomery, AL, where Southern hospitality isn’t just a catchphrase, it’s a way of life. Modern customers define their buying experiences based on the level of service they receive, meaning that recurring revenue is dependent on customer satisfaction. With ASK’s exceptional quality of customer service and thorough knowledge of your business practices, you set yourself above and apart from your competitors.

Ask is Here to Help!

Whether you know exactly what you want from a call center company, or you need help learning the basics of the industry, ASK is here to help! Our comprehensive omnichannel services offer an array of options that can be customized for your business needs. We can take over the customer services you currently offer and enhance your business strategy with additional options—from intelligent and interactive scripting to comprehensive real-time dashboards and reporting suites.

Cost-Effective Customer Care Results

You’re busy doing what you do best: managing your business for optimum results. When you outsource your Customer Care to ASK, your goals become our goals. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a startup, ASK provides solutions that drive ROI. We track and analyze the data that matters, from first call resolution to talk time and hold times. And, if something isn’t working, we fix it in real time. Our department managers are on standby for support and we pride ourselves on fast response times to address your needs so your customers are satisfied and your business can grow.

How ASK Clients Benefit:

  • Faster call resolution
  • Real-time visibility into agent performance
  • Dramatically reduced agent turnover
  • A pay-per-use model for optimal productivity and cost efficiency
  • CSAT and NPS scores that show measurable improvement
Rick Burley

After graduating from Auburn University Montgomery with a degree in Information Systems, I worked for a large medical/surgical distribution company with 25 branches across the southeast. I was in the information technology group, where I worked up to become lead developer in inventory control software. From there, I went to work for a leading outdoor magazine, where I developed the software that handled all day-to-day operations and interfaced with several outside systems. While there, I was named Vice President of Operations and started and managed the in-house call center, which grew to more than 100 agents during my tenure.

I’ve been President of ASK for more than 25 years now, and while I really enjoy the variety of tasks I tackle daily, my real joy comes from interacting with agents, managers, and clients. At ASK, our main tenant is to treat everyone with kindness and respect, as you would expect to be treated: callers, co-workers, and clients. In my free time, I play golf, coach youth sports teams, and relax at the beach.

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