ASK was founded and is still located in Montgomery, Alabama, where Southern hospitality isn’t just a catchphrase, it’s a way of life. The rituals and customs ingrained in us as children guide our lives, including how we do business. Southern hospitality is simply a part of who we are, and we’re proud of it.


We're Polite

Manners matter, whether you’re visiting over sweet tea, in a meeting with co-workers, or on the phone with clients. In the South, children know “yes, ma’am” and “no, sir,” before they can count to 10. It’s a matter of respect, and something we extend to everyone we work and do business with.


We're Kind

We treat every guest, customer, prospect, colleague and co-worker like they’re family. Tuesdays are snack day at ASK, and we share a family-style meal every quarter. When someone needs help, we come together like family. We make an effort to connect with people, often forming lifelong friendships along the way. A firm handshake in a world of text message break-ups and Instagram wedding invitations still means something here.


We're Helpful

Don’t insult a Southern host or hostess by clearing the table or helping with dishes. We take pride in serving others, whether it’s a neighbor in need, a co-worker stuck at home or a client with questions. Our service mindset isn’t based on reciprocity. We extend favors and small kindnesses because we know it’s the right thing to do.


We're Charitable

We support our friends and neighbors, those in need and those less fortunate. We live by the Golden Rule and believe there’s no such thing as a hand-out, only a hand-up. Not only do we give your time, talent and treasure to others, we also extend grace to each other by being patient, loyal and fair.

Some of the organizations and events we support include:

  • Quarterly blood drives
  • Employee flu shots
  • Local YMCA Board of Directors
  • Committee of 100
  • Triumph Services for adults with developmental disabilities
  • Capital City Juniors Volleyball