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The Benefits of Outsourcing Customer Service for the Hospitality Industry

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Many companies outsource various functions of their businesses, often to lower staffing costs. Hospitality companies often outsource customer service because it can be a major benefit to their operations. Outsourcing increases efficiency and reduces costs in areas such as reservations and marketing. It also helps to improve services and customer experience. Read on to learn about the benefits of outsourcing customer service in the hospitality industry.

Service Quality
Ensuring customers receive a high quality of service is important for hospitality businesses in order to keep their customers satisfied and retain them. Customer service centers that are experienced in handling travel customers and industry standards are a big asset to hospitality companies. They can help them to create satisfied customers that return again and again.

Risk Reduction
When a hospitality company outsources their customer service to a contact center, they reduce their risk. This is because the contact center company employs and manages the employees, thereby eliminating labor-related legal risks. In addition, the hospitality company has less overhead since the contact center company covers office expenses for customer service operations.

Focus on Core Business Operations
By outsourcing customer support to contact centers that can help with hospitality customer service, hospitality companies can focus more on business growth and optimization. At the same time, they can deliver great customer experiences. Outsourcing also gives hospitality businesses more flexibility by allowing them to quickly shift and adapt to new challenges.
Technology is an important part of running a successful customer service operation. An outsource partner can help take your customer service to the next level by providing technology services such as remote check-in. Outsourcing also helps you reduce technology costs since your outsource partner handles updates and developments of the contact center technology.
Multilingual Customer Service
Multilingual call centers, which can provide services 24/7, can be a great asset to international hotels. The inquiries of customers from various parts of the world can be answered by a team of customer service agents who speak various languages. This helps a company build trust and loyalty with foreign guests who appreciate the convenience of clear communication. 
Booking Services
Customers want fast answers about reservations, rates, and more. It’s great to include as much information as possible on the company website and app. But, in addition, hotels and restaurants can manage their booking and reservation services with the help of hospitality customer service contact centers. With their omni-channel capabilities, they can allow customers to choose between receiving help online or via the phone. 
Reception Services
Even though hospitality companies have front desk reception help, outsourcing some reception services can still be beneficial. This allows the on-premises staff to concentrate on entertaining guests and giving them a pleasant in-person experience. Meanwhile, the outsourced staff can focus on responding to or routing calls. By having both in-person and contact center staff, hospitality companies can reduce how long travelers need to wait both in-person and over the phone. 
Cost Reduction
Arguably, cost reduction is the biggest advantage of outsourcing. By outsourcing customer service, hospitality companies can cut their costs tremendously – some may even be able to cut costs in half or more. What’s more, outsourced contact center operations can be scaled up or down, as required, which also helps to manage costs.
According to Outsource Consultants about how travel and hospitality companies can benefit from outsource call centers:
“Travel agency call centers can do more than just taking reservations. They can help many different companies in the travel and hospitality industry reduce costs from 50% up to 70% depending on whether the outsourcing location is in a domestic, nearshore, or offshore location.”
We help hospitality businesses improve customer experience in several ways, from identifying gaps and opportunities, to streamlining processes such as CRM and WFM, providing warm and knowledgeable customer support agents and much more. Find out how we can help your business leverage the power of amazing CX to boost sales and loyalty. Visit or call Ray Monasterski at 334.386.3458.


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