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6 Ways to Improve and Develop Employee Engagement

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Employee engagement increases productivity, profits, sales, and customer satisfaction, while reducing costs and employee turnover. In addition, engaged employees help create committed teams and a positive work environment. So, it’s not surprising companies that realize the benefits of employee engagement are putting effort into trying to increase it. In this blog, we discuss how to improve and develop employee engagement.
Optimize the Onboarding Process
The onboarding process is an important time for setting the stage for employee engagement. It’s when employees develop a foundational view of their jobs and company and how they fit within teams. While being introduced to the company’s mission, goals, culture, and values, it’s important to set expectations and ensure employees get enough support and guidance so they don’t feel overwhelmed by new information. 

Encourage Open Communication
Companies that show they genuinely care about employees and their needs have a higher level of employee satisfaction. Therefore, it’s important to create a company culture where feedback can be openly exchanged. This helps encourage engagement, constructive feedback, and the sharing of ideas. In this environment, employees are also more likely to collaborate well with their teams, receive recognition, and get the information and support they need. Also, it’s good practice to provide a platform for employees to share honest feedback and ideas. 
Offer Career Advancement
The most common reason employees look for new jobs is because they want career advancement. According to  Top Work Places:
“Creating a clear path for employee development will help to improve employee recruitment and retention. Encourage employees to grow within your company instead of giving them reasons to seek growth opportunities somewhere else.”
Creating a culture where employee development and advancement is encouraged can help with employee retention and satisfaction. One way to do this is to train and encourage managers to be mindful of their employees’ career goals, identify developmental opportunities for them, and help them grow. It’s also important to announce when new positions within the company become available, so employees have the opportunity to apply.
Recognize Employees
Recognizing employees for their contributions to the organization is another way to let them know the company sees and appreciates their efforts. When employees feel appreciated, they are more likely to enjoy their jobs and be motivated to do more for the company and its customers. It’s important to recognize that different employees may like to receive appreciation in different ways. The best way to find out what employees want is to ask them.
Support Good Employee Health
Healthy employees are more engaged and productive, have fewer health issues, and take less time off. Within the work environment, the space should be comfortable and employees should be encouraged to take breaks in order to prevent burnout. 
Allowing a flexible work schedule is very important to some employees and can be a major factor in preventing employee turnover. Flexibility also helps support well-being and a balanced lifestyle. In addition, companies can support the well-being of employees by offering wellness programs. 
Conduct Employee Engagement Surveys
Employee engagement surveys give employees a chance to provide honest feedback about various areas of company operations. It’s important to conduct these surveys regularly to continuously monitor how employees feel and make changes where necessary. Regularly asking employees for their feedback also makes them feel their voices are valued by the organization. 

ASK understands the important link between employee engagement and business results. We work to develop and maintain programs such as ongoing training, advancement opportunities and recognition to ensure team members feel valued and respected. To learn more about how we can help you better serve your clients with our professional and knowledgeable Southern hospitality, visit, or contact Ray Monasterski at 334.386.3458.

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