Manage with Better Reporting

ASK reports measure metrics and project and agent KPI’s in order to gauge the success of your contact center operations, enabling you to continuously refine tactics for improved performance.

ASK reporting can help you:

  • Quickly identify common or recurring issues and take steps to correct them.
  • Optimize your outsourced call center services to improve results and customer satisfaction.
  • Maximize ROI through value-add services.
  • Gain a 360-degree view of your business with information collected from all points of customer contact: physical, remote, web, and social media.
  • Leverage real time data and results-oriented reporting to fine-tune your strategy
Companies using analytics are 5 times more likely to make faster decisions.

— Forbes


The Information You Need

ASK reports are customized specifically for you and your business goals. By delivering the data you need, when and how you need it, we serve as a partner in your success.

  • Take advantage of an unlimited number and type of reports to fully understand your contact center operations.
  • We source, extract and prepare data, so the information you receive is optimized for your use.
  • Reports utilize business intelligence in order to facilitate understanding.
  • Work with a trusted partner to design and implement detailed action plans by optimizing processes designed to improve customer experience.
Many companies are using big data to treat customers more like individuals — and build better long-term relationships so those customers happily buy more.


To learn more about how you can leverage reporting to grow your business, contact us to schedule a FREE ASK demo.


Easily Access Reports

ASK reports are available when and where you need critical information. Access data through our customer portal by simply logging on to our secure site. With options for summaries and detailed reports, you can choose to see the big picture at a glance, or take a deep dive into granular data in order to better understand trends in calls, customer service and programs.

  • High-quality, actionable insights means less time sifting through meaningless data.
  • Access both real-time and historical data based on contact center best practices.
  • Measure performance, gain insight, share successes with management, and take action on problems.

To learn more about utilizing reports to optimize efficiency and realize ROI, contact us to schedule a FREE ASK demo.