Fragrant Jewels

Fragrant Jewels Customer Retention Increases 15 Percent, CSAT Up 35 Percent

Fragrant Jewels launched in July of 2014 with a vision of providing customers with the best hand-crafted products, while at the same time providing amazing customer service. The company produces candles and wax tarts made from a proprietary coconut wax blend, as well as luxurious bath bombs. Each one includes a foil packet with a surprise ring and code inside. Customers then enter the code into the Fragrant Jewels website to discover if they have won a valuable ring worth between $100 and $10,000.


From 2016 – 2017, Fragrant Jewels grew by more than 12 percent. And while welcome, this rapid
growth lead to challenges for the young company focused on providing top-notch customer service.

  • Customer experience: The growing company uses a near-shore customer support vendor and recognized the need to provide the next level of customer experience.
  • Customer Retention: A majority of Fragrant Jewels’ business is based on customer subscriptions to its “Inner Circle” program. For this reason, retention is a very important factor in the company’s success and continued growth.



Fragrant Jewels partnered with ASK, based in Montgomery, AL, in 2017. ASK provided the quality customer care they have become known for since launching in 1992.

  • ASK took over all calls relating to customer retention and Fragrant Jewels’ Inner Circle program.
  • By providing dedicated agents to work with Fragrant Jewels, they became a true extension of the company and its brand.
  • Dedicated managers also helped by defining and tracking metrics like customer satisfaction and retention and making adjustments when necessary.
  • ASK leadership, including President Rick Burley, works closely with every client to ensure ROI by identifying opportunities to cut costs and increase efficiencies.


You’re busy doing what you do best: managing your business for optimum results. When you outsource your Customer Care to ASK, your goals become our goals.

- Rick Burley, ASK President

One of the things I like most about working with ASK is the relationship we have developed with the team. Rick is easy to reach, and his managers are second-to- none. They have been so helpful with any issue that comes up. Plus, I know things will be taken care of; I don’t have to worry about things getting done.

- Javier Jauregui, Fragrant Jewels Director, Customer Care.


  • Customer Experience: In the first month of their partnership with ASK, Fragrant Jewels’ customer service scores increased by more than 25 percent. Within 4 months, they were up 35 percent.
  • Customer Retention: Customer retention in the company’s “Inner Circle” increased by 15 percent.