Three Signs You Need an Answering Service

Research has shown that despite having more options than ever, today’s consumers crave the one-on-one interaction that the phone provides. In a recent Accenture study of more than 25,000 U.S. consumers, more than 80 percent said they would rather solve a problem though direct personal contact than via digital channels such as email, chat or voicemail. Roughly 80 percent of business communications are done by phone, and a recent BIA/Kelsey report predicted that 162 billion calls will be made to businesses from smartphones in 2019.

Businesses can’t afford to miss calls, which is why many hire an answering service. By efficiently managing fluctuating call volumes, an outside vendor can help ensure your customers receive the highest level of service, no matter when they call.  Still on the fence? Take a look at the following scenarios; if you answer “yes” to any, it’s time to find the right answering service to help take your business to the next level.

You’re Missing Calls

Just because your business operates from 9 – 5, doesn’t mean your customers’ needs follow this schedule. If your customers are leaving messages afterhours – whether with concerns or questions, to make a purchase or schedule an appointment – consider the fact that 80 percent of callers don’t leave a message, and approximately 85 percent of people will never call back. These numbers represent very real missed opportunities, not just for sales, but also for customer experience. An answering service can cover your phones 24-hours a day, plus the right provider can do it for less than what it would cost to hire an employee.

Productivity is Suffering

Although it may initially feel great to have an influx of calls, even if your team seems to be handling them, productivity is probably taking a hit. While answering calls, especially if they are juggling between several at once, your staff isn’t doing the essential work that leads to growth. You hired employees to perform unique responsibilities, but if they are answering calls, those functions – like product development, marketing, and order fulfillment – fall by the wayside (which, not coincidentally, is where your customer experience will end up). Related to this is the fact that employees will not feel a sense of accomplishment and pride in their work if they are not performing the duties they were hired to do. By hiring an answering service, you provide staff with the freedom to do all of the things that will make both them and your business wildly successful.

Your Customers Aren’t Happy

If you’re already experiencing missed calls and lower productivity because of lack of call answering resources, then unhappy customers are sure to come next. Whether they feel neglected because of long hold times or not being able to talk to someone after hours, customer dissatisfaction is obviously the last thing you want. Research has shown that while happy customers might tell nine friends about their experience with your company, unhappy customers will vent to an average of sixteen people. Not only that, 82 percent of customers who have a negative experience (like being left on hold) will leave your company for a competitor.

If your business has been under-resourced to the point of causing missed calls, decreased productivity and declining customer experience, you need to make changes fast. ASK call answering services can quickly solve the problem, while setting your business up for future success. The benefits of ASK call answering services include:

  • 24/7 Coverage: When their calls go to voicemail, most callers will not leave a message and will most likely not call back during business hours
  • Improved Customer Experience: Today’s customers demand access to solutions that fit their lifestyles, which may not be your normal operating hours. Customers also crave the personal connection the phone provides. An answering service solution shows your customers that you are there for them at any time.
  • Affordable Solutions: Choose the customizable options that work best for YOUR business, including help during call volume surges.
  • Consistency: ASK representatives are trained to your specifications, so your customers enjoy consistent experiences.

With ASK answering services, not only is every call to your business answered, it’s handled promptly and professionally. This service increases sales opportunities and improves customer experience that leads to more repeat and loyal customers. To find out more, contact ASK today.