Measure for Improvement

Our Southern Hospitality values include helpfulness, which means we take pride in serving others, whether it’s a neighbor in need, a co-worker stuck at home or a client with questions. It also means we make an extra effort to ensure your get optimal ROI from our services. One of the ways we do this is by providing key performance indicators (KPI’s).

Call center managers know that KPI’s are essential in order to:

Pull – and stay – head of the competition


Create loyal brand ambassadors with stellar customer experience

Increase revenue


Reduce costs

86% of customers quit doing business with a company because of a bad customer service experience.

— Business Insider

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Identifying Metrics

By consistently monitoring KPI’s, contact centers can make more informed decisions that will have a measurable impact on performance. ASK works with each individual client to determine which KPI’s are most relevant to its success and paint the most accurate picture of current operations. We accurately measure the common contact center KPI’s listed below though the use of Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) phone systems:

Call Handling Time

How long does it take the agent to complete the call?

First Call Resolution

What percentage of calls can be resolved in a single call?

Transfer Rate

What percentage of calls have to be transferred to someone else to complete?

After Call Work Time

How much time does an agent spend after the completion of a call to finish the business from that call?

Hold Time

How much time does the agent keep the caller on hold during the call?


Measuring Quality

ASK quality monitoring uses human review as well as speech recognition software to capture vital customer feedback essential to the success of your business, including:

Phone Etiquette

A rating of the agent's behavior or the call.

Knowledge and Professionalism

How well the agent knows the product or service being offered as well as the procedures to follow to resolve the caller's issue.

Adherence to Procedures

Did the agent follow the script or other procedures specified by the company?

To learn more about which metrics you should be measuring, contact us to schedule a FREE ASK demo.