About ASK Telemarketing 

Advanced Sales Knowledge, Inc. was founded in 1992 by a dynamic family team.   Rick and Jim Burley are the Father and Son force behind this state of the art call center.  With decades of business management and call center operations experience, there is no one better qualified to handle your inbound or outbound calling needs.  Located in Montgomery, Alabama, with capacity for 167 operators, we can handle virtually any project, large or small.  We can also custom tailor our IT configurations to fit your needs. Let us show you how we can provide the best rate of return for your dollar, time and time again.  We were named Small Business of the Year in 2001 and continue to strive for even greater things.  See what family can do for you!
ASK Telemarketing’s Vision Statement 
Our vision at A.S.K. is to provide a positive experience with every contact while maintaining a professional and upbeat working environment.  We believe that if our employees enjoy coming to work, their energy will translate to better customer service, more sales and a better bottom line for our clients and our company.
ASK Telemarketing’s Mission Statement 
Our mission is to become the most effective telemarketing firm in the Southeast by maintaining the most advanced technology and the best trained staff, by using the most cost effective management principles, and by keeping the lines of communication open with our clients. 

We pride ourselves on the ability to react and adapt quickly to our clients’ needs.  From producing a quality script to using the highest standards of monitoring and cross training, we stand ready to do whatever is necessary for a satisfactory result.  We are small enough to be flexible and responsive, but large enough to get the job done – on time and in budget. 
With decades of experience in our management team, we draw on every aspect of their knowledge.  We use all the tried and true principles of sales and customer service excellence and have invented a few of our own.  Ongoing professional development and training applies to all staff members – top to bottom. 
The values of “customer first, honesty, integrity, fair play, and Southern charm” permeate all that we do.  We believe you will find working with us a pleasant and profitable experience.  This is the goal we have set for ourselves and strive to reach every day.
"We Telemarket the World"
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Rick Burley
ASK Telemarketing
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