Understanding Project Success

Project key performance indicators (KPI’s) provide invaluable information on how well your business is achieving specific goals. At ASK, we work with you to fully understand your project and then provide a framework for data collection in order to track project success. We dive deep into the details, going beyond measures of timeliness, budget, quality and effectiveness.

You receive daily insights into your projects, so you can make real-time, meaningful adjustments to enhance project success. We monitor:

Abandon Rate

The percentage of calls lost before they can be answered.

Average Speed to Answer (ASA)

How long it takes to answer a typical call once it has been routed to the contact center.

Average Handle Time (AHT)

The average duration of one transaction, from the customer's initiation of the call and including any hold time, talk time and related tasks that follow the interaction.

Abandon rate

The percentage of calls made to the center that are abandoned by the customer before speaking to an agent.

Call disposition

The outcome of a call, which may include: abandoned in queue, appointment scheduled, busy, callback, complaint, complete, disconnected number, incorrect number, product question, requires follow up, etc.

Customer satisfaction

The majority of your KPI’s should focus on interactions with customers, which focus on ensuring they can easily reach you and get questions answered quickly.


Reducing Costs

We understand that contact center services are an expense that must be managed in order for your business to succeed. As your partner, we identify ways you can reduce call volume in order to reduce costs. By analyzing both agent and project KPI’s, we find problems and offer solutions to help you reach your business goals.

To learn more about how KPI’s can drive project performance and help guide future business-critical decisions, contact us to schedule a FREE ASK demo.